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Inventory Management

Offering extensive experience in inventory management, we provide a variety of business models to meet our clients’ individual requirements.

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An organisation’s inventory levels can have a significant impact on the efficiency of its supply chain. Our Inventory Management service brings a hands-on understanding to our clients’ business, reviewing product management protocols, identifying exceptions and enabling them to efficiently forecast and replenish thousands of items at greater speed.

Greater visibility

As an exception based service, the Allseas approach to inventory management provides unequalled levels of visibility over the entire demand-supply picture, allowing clients to evaluate the impact inventory decisions will have on the wider business.

Contract Logistics

Allseas Global Supply Chain offers a full contract logistics service, allowing clients to focus on their core business.

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Contract logistics combines many logistics functions into a single managed solution removing the complexity in management of these services individually. Allseas global Supply Chain package the services in a tailored solution based on the customer’s individual wishes and needs, removing FTE and time costs to the customer.

Bespoke solutions

For each outsourced service, our experienced team ensure they understand the fundamental drivers behind our clients’ business, in order that we can design bespoke solutions and inform them how specific decisions have been made around the design of the service.

Forward Hub Distribution

Our Forward Hub Distribution service provides a single point of inventory management, providing clients with greater control and visibility of real-time inventory levels.

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The Allseas Forward Hub Distribution model allows organisations to move their goods via a regional distribution hub. This centralised method of storage allows for increased flexibility whilst distributing goods to meet the demands of the marketplace.

Global hub network

Forward Hub Distribution best suits companies with a large number of origins that distribute cargo to multiple destinations within the same region. Our extensive network of hubs ensures reliable and timely distribution to their chosen destinations.

Clients can expect a significant boost in cargo allocation flexibility and faster market response time.

Multi Country Consolidation

Our Multi Country Consolidation service enables clients to make significant cost savings by diversifying their range of sourcing options.

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For companies that import smaller, or light volumes of goods from multiple points of origin, Multi country Consolidation can prove a highly cost-effective approach. Our combined expertise in this area adds real, tangible value to our clients’ supply chains.

More sourcing options

Multi Country Consolidation opens up new sourcing options across a wide range of industries and origins, which in turn offers increased flexibility in competitive markets. Clients who opt for this service are introduced to alternative sourcing options they would otherwise never encounter.

With more sourcing options, companies can choose the best suppliers from each country to match their exact requirements.

Customs Planning

Customs Planning is one of the most crucial, yet often under exploited stages of the supply chain. Allseas Global Supply Chain specialises in this critical area.

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Our expertise in Customs Planning provides vital support to our clients at one of the most critical points in the entire supply chain. We use our knowledge and experience to educate and assist Allseas clients with the complexities so often encountered in this area.

Prepared for audit

Speed in customs planning is essential. Companies can only go back three years to recover overpayments, whilst tax authorities can select an organisation at any time for audit. Our Customs Planning expertise ensures our clients are fully prepared for impromptu HRMC audits, can voluntarily declare errors and fix any compliance problems in advance.

Sourcing & Procurement

Allseas Global Supply Chain provides specialist expertise in both Sourcing and Procurement, enabling clients to reduce costs and increase value.

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With cost-reduction and growth opportunities continuously changing, many organisations remain uncertain in terms of how to set about enhancing their sourcing and procurement strategies. Allseas Global Supply Chain specialises in helping clients to reduce cost, whilst maximising value from each supplier relationship. Our Sourcing and Procurement services help to:

Retail Value Added Services

With an office network that extends worldwide, Allseas Global Supply Chain offers a wide range of value added services, all at the point of origin.

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At Allseas Global Supply Chain, we take a unique approach to Retail Value Added Services. Our firm belief is that no two supply chain operations are alike. We have extensive experience delivering custom-designed programmes to meet our clients’ exact requirements, providing a wide range of value added services for the retail supply chain sector:

Services at origin

Offering these services at origin, as opposed to the traditional approach of performing them at destination, can lead to lower supply chain costs, improved speed to market and reduced levels of inventory.

Freight Management

End-to-end visibility is a key element of the logistics process. As Freight Management specialists, we enable our clients to view the whole journey, introducing significant cost savings.

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The international movement of freight and all its related documentation requires a certain level of expertise. With specialist experience in both import and export, Allseas Global Supply Chain offers a comprehensive Freight Management service, allowing our clients to make substantial gains.

Assessment and tender support

Analysing every stage of our clients’ freight transportation, we have the capability to secure the most competitive shipping contracts. Data gathering and analysis allows us to determine rates covering origin to destination, in addition, evaluating the cost implications, providing access to new suppliers and either leading or supporting negotiations. The service also includes the design and implementation of operations for new DCs and 3PL tender management.


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