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Allseas Global Supply Chain provides an expert service in FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods). Featuring tailored solutions, goods are assimilated seamlessly into the supply chain.

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Our FMCG service covers perishable items delivered in bulk, including foodstuffs, toiletries, disposable electronic goods and any items that fall into NOOS (Never Out of Stock) lines.

Clients can take advantage of tailored solutions that assimilate goods, generally supplied as bulk products, into their supply chain. With a range of transport and storage options, Allseas is well placed to meet the often complex requirements FMCG presents, with diverse product ranges and typically high volumes requiring greater consideration when managing and picking stock.

Allseas Global Supply Chain helps clients deliver a competitive edge in a challenging sector:


Retail, the ‘lifeblood of commerce’, is currently at one of its most exciting and challenging points. Allseas Global Supply Chain specialise in helping clients navigate this complex environment.

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In a progressive retail market, the key to success is an efficient and well-managed supply chain. Our Retail services cover a staggeringly diverse range of ‘to Customer’ options, through a variety of Multi-channel methodologies. Allseas Global Supply Chain brings value to our retail clients by providing the depth of stock required to truly optimise sales, whilst simultaneously offering the tools needed to prevent over-stocks and delays in availability.

Servicing niche brands and high street names across all retail sectors, we enhance our clients’ retail proposition by supporting their supply chain at every step.

Experience in every sector

Our Sectors range from DIY, Fashion and General Merchandise, to Grocery, furniture and Electronics. With an award-winning team, time-served in senior positions across a wide range of retailers, we are firmly retail-focused, as opposed to a 3PL offering a retail solution.

We provide full support for clients at every stage of their supply chain, from managing suppliers and shipping lines, to e-fulfilment, home delivery and returns management.

3.Fine Art & Antique Shipping

We are proud to offer our clients specialist packing and international transportation of antique furniture and artefacts, traditional and contemporary works of art, sculptures and items of both architectural and archaeological interest.

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As enthusiasts themselves, our Fine Art & Antique Shipping team often buy and sell works, particularly in the contemporary art sector. This gives Allseas Global Supply Chain the unique insight necessary for the national and international movement of specialist items. Handling their shipping personally, our experts are frequently commissioned by antique dealers, auction houses, galleries, museums and private buyers around the globe.

Specialist packers and secure facilities

Our specialist packers ensure each item is packed to the highest standards. Combining traditional packing techniques with the highest quality packaging materials, we guarantee the best protection possible. We also maintain clean, secure warehousing and packing facilities for clients requiring high security storage facilities and full fine art handling.

Our Fine Art & Antique Shipping experts put their own personal care and passion into every movement.

4.Aviation / Aerospace

With increasingly complex flying programmes and the risk of unplanned delays, the insight and solutions our Aviation/Aerospace team provide can help clients steer clear of potentially huge costs.

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At Allseas Global Supply Chain Limited, we know our clients depend on us to provide a rapid, secure solution. Whether we are shipping raw materials, delivering fragile prototype parts or moving complete engines from and to locations around the world, our Aviation/Aerospace service ensures the lowest possible asset downtime.

Multi-disciplinary team

Our professional, multilingual, experienced team organise and monitor clients’ shipments from start to finish, handling everything from customs documentation and haulage sub-contracting, to loading and unloading, ground handling and support.

With strategically located offices and partners worldwide, plus state of the art technology, we ensure every delivery deadline is met.


In any supply chain, down time costs money; none more so than in the Automotive industry. Allseas Global Supply Chain Limited has the experience and tools to accelerate the process.

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The automotive industry is known for its long, complex supply chains, lean manufacturing principles and just in time practises. Interruptions can occur by way of natural disaster, bad weather, industrial action or an unexpected surge in demand. This is where our experienced logistics specialists can provide much needed proactivity and flexibility into the supply chain.

Greater control and visibility

Time Critical and Emergency costs are a significant concern for all automotive companies. At Allseas Global Supply Chain Limited, we understand that having the ability to have greater control and visibility of the whole process is vitally important. Using our state-of-the-art technology, our clients have the power to minimise costs, taking full command and control of their end-to-end supply chain.


Transporting medical equipment and pharmaceuticals calls for a high standard of service. With a comprehensive knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry, we handle every movement with the utmost care.

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At Allseas Global Supply Chain Limited, we excel in the safe transportation of medical equipment and pharmaceuticals. Our expertise in handling urgent, high value shipments extends to all areas of the medical sector. Therefore, we understand and deliver exactly what each of our clients expects.

A comprehensive pharmaceutical service

From highly fragile sensitive prototypes, sports samples and emergency drug movements, all the way through to large-scale, complex shipments, we provide the knowledge, control and peace of mind our clients expect.


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